They Said What?!

Listen to a few testimonials from happy customers…

Absolutely gorgeous! 🤩
– Savina
Oh My Goodness John is amazing. So I got my glorious gold ring last week. I fell in love with it immediately. It was a little loose but not too bad and I wore it out to the grocery store and admired it as I picked out the ripest tomatoes and the sweetest breads. I strolled into the bulk section and used one of those rubber gloves to wrangle some dried mango from one of the bins and after I’d paid for my food and pulled away from the parking lot I looked down at my finder to find my glorious golden ring was gone! I went back to look but it was nowhere to be found (not even in the bulk mango section).
In the interim, John had reached out to see how I liked my new ring (so thoughtful). I lamented that while I’d loved the 2 hours I’d had with it, It had fallen off. He so empathized that he made me another AT NO COST!
– theadocia7 (Etsy)
Both pairs of earrings, silver triangles and gold circles, are beautiful. Simple and discreet, but also elegant – just I wanted. I will definitely purchase again.
– aheran73 (Etsy)
What a rockstar of a ring! ❤️ Badass and comfortable to wear! Also shipped quickly. Totally recommend this artist!
– Julianna
Absolutely love my new ring! It’s so unique and I keep getting compliments on it!  Thank you. 
– Sotiria
Ring looks great, perfect fit, 100% satisfied.
– Brian
Perfect! Just what I was looking for.
Love these rings, so well made unique and comfortable. I wear mine everyday.
– Micaela
Really solid ring–attractive, unique style, nice chunk of silver. Even nicer than I anticipated!
– Henry
Well crafted ring, perfect addition to my collection. Glad I ordered a size up, fits perfectly! Thank you!
– Garrett
It’s lighter than I expected, fits nicely, and looks lovely.
– Meeyaad
Excellent quality, perfectly matching the seller’s description and exceeding my expectations!
– Stuart

Love & Other Demons

Love & Other Demons is a unisex jewelry brand that offers both handcrafted, 3D-printed, and hybrid designs that focus on blending a classic aesthetic with elements of the modern and future world.  The name intends to recognize the sort of duality that makes up our daily experience and the great archetypes of sentiment that we encounter throughout our lives.

As an artist, I believe wholeheartedly in making room for differences, quirks, and the unique nature that allows us some sense of identity.  I feel that we should make room for one another while also acknowledging the compromise that is required for us to share space in an advanced society.  Freedom does not come without responsibilities, some of which are as simple as acting with tolerance, perspective, and inclusion.

The inspiration for my designs are varied, and I love to change direction and explore new concepts and techniques regularly.  I would be providing too strong a limitation for myself if I were to provide a singular thematic or stylistic categorization of my work.  That being said, I do tend to work in sterling silver and various karats of gold.

I hope that you enjoy the work and I look forward to your feedback!  Thank you for taking the time to visit Love & Other Demons.

Wholesale Inquiries

Love & Other Demons is currently accepting inquiries for wholesale partnerships.  If you feel that L&oD may have a place in your retail lineup, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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